In 2004, I bought a canoe - off the internet.  I can't remember what it inspired me to do this, but since that time I have bought, traded and sold more canoes than I care to remember.  The first one was a 15 ft. Prospector from the The Holy Cow Canoe Company (!) in Ontario, Canada.  Currently, I own two canoes: a 16th foot solo Bell Magic made from a carbon fiber/kevlar composite; and a 16ft. Prospector made in Royalex by Nova Craft.

I've paddled rivers in the west and mid-west of the United States and in Saskatchewan and northwest Ontario in Canada.  Here is a list of rivers, and parks, I've paddled and rafted:

San Juan River, Colorado  (3 trips)

Green River, Utah (3 )

Upper Missouri River, Montana (1)

Platte River, Colorado (Multiple day trips)

Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado (1)

Niabrara River, Nebraska (1)

Current River Missouri (1)

Rio Grande, Texas (2)

Suwanee River, Florida (1)

Wapiska and Reindeer Rivers, Saskatchewan, Canada (1)

Churchill River, Saskatchewan, Canada (4 )

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada (4 )

Grand Canyon, Arizona (2)




Outfitters can provide the canoeist a great deal of help, from planning routes to equipment rentals.  Here are two that I've used: